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Want to stay fit? You could go to the gym, but they’re now more expensive than ever and almost always involve you getting incredibly hot and sweaty next to a lot of other people.

That all sounds very unpleasant which is why it’d be far easier if you just downloaded an app and start getting fit in your own time and at a fraction of the cost.

Now you’ve made that very wise decision the next question to ask is which app? Well fear not, we’ve compiled the best fitness apps for iPhone and Android so whatever your tastes there’s going to be something here that works.

Perhaps you want to take on the world with Endomondo, or fight the zombie hordes with Zombies, Run! or perhaps you’re utterly new to all of this and 100% Army Fit along with its library of ‘how-to’ clips is just the starting block you need.

Best Fitness Apps 2015:

  • 1
    100% Army Fit (Android, iOS)
    100% Army Fit is exactly what it says on the tin; its sole purpose is to get you to the fitness level needed to join the British Army. The great thing is though that even if you’re not planning on joining it’s also one of the best fitness apps around. It has a full library of clips showing you exactly how to do a proper press up, or the easiest way to turn your living room into a gym. It then comes with vocalised training sessions, rep timers and encourages you to move through the levels until you’re ‘Army Fit’. If you want an all-encompassing fitness trainer that doesn’t involve the gym, this is the app for you.
    £Free on iOS, Android
  • 2
    30 Day Fitness Challenges (iOS, Android)
    This is the app for those that want to comprehensively put two fingers up at the gym obsessives. It’s a fully fledges workout program for your arms, core and legs. Inside each section are 20 challenges, each one tailored by and expert and lasting, you guessed it, 30 days. The app handily reminds you when you need to exercise and with challenges lasting 1-5 mins the old ‘I don’t have time excuse’ won’t fly.
    £1.99 iOS, Android
  • 3
    Endomondo (iOS, Android)
    Endomondo is all about community spirit. Tracking a multitude of sports and activities it’s a seriously capable fitness tracker and thanks to regular updates it’s no battery-drainer either. Where it comes into its own though is on the community side; Endomondo has a large user base and they’re all very vocal. Thanks to regular community challenges and the increased features found in ‘Pro’ mode you’ll be chasing after other people’s personal bests from all over the world.
    £Free (Premium: £20.99 per year) iOS, Android
  • 4
    Nike+ Running (iOS, Android)
    Nike’s running app is a simple, effective and driven app experience. It’s all about the running and making sure you’re constantly challenging yourself. Take on other runners and see unique ‘heat maps’ which show your route and how intensive each part of the run was. Social media is a big feature as well with Instagram filters creating unique templates for each run so you can share both your achievements and what you saw along the way.
    £Free iOS, Android
  • 5
    Run Keeper is similar to Endomondo but where it differs greatly is in integration. This app can pair up with over 70 other health and fitness apps and products making it the Swiss army knife of running apps. Able to communicate with health and fitness services like Withings you’ll be able to see a much broader picture of your health.
    £Free (RunKeeper Elite: £27.99) on iOS, Android
  • 6
    Zombies, Run! (iOS, Android)
    Zombies, Run! is, if you hadn’t already guessed, unlike anything else on this list. If, like us, you’re struggling for motivation when you run then this app handily provides an incentive: escaping a giant horde of zombies. With a full-blown storyline written by award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman the app takes you through ‘missions’ as you run for your life. Create your own playlists within the app and look back on your finest escapes. Think of it as the ultimate game.
    £2.49 on iOS, Android
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