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Don’t wait until Mother’s Day to celebrate! Happyfamilyfuntime has launched an Instagram contest with Pandora jewelry that pays tribute to the beautiful mothers in our lives. Followers of @Happyfamilyfuntimemagazine have the chance win a selection of Pandora’s amazing jewelry collection (see below for details). All you need to do is something you are planning on doing anyway: Share a photo of you and the mom in your life on Instagram (it can be recent or a #TBT)—just like Happyfamilyfuntime‘s own Kahlana Barfield Brown did, above. Or if you’re a mom yourself, feel free to ‘gram you and your little one. If you’re feeling inspired, include in your caption where and when the photo was taken.

Tag @Happyfamilyfuntimemagazine and @theofficialpandora in the photo, and include the hashtag #HappyfamilyfuntimeMomsDayContest. Happyfamilyfuntime editors will select two winners based on their creative imagery and captions. Contest ends on May 8, so share today for chance to win!

Prize packages will include seven items from the collection below.

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