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Vinyasa, Bikram, Hatha—pick your favorite flow, and book a session now because today marks the start of National Yoga Month. At the risk of sounding just like an instructor, expounding zen advice at the front of class with a sitar, this is the perfect opportunity to refocus your practice and help it grow. Cue the ohms. 

But also, maybe the cue the shopping? Whether it’s a fitted shirt that (finally!) doesn’t awkwardly sag forward during downward facing dog or a matching bra top and leggings that give you the confidence to go shirtless in a heated room, just the right outfit impacts your time on the mats more than you might think. (Plus, you’ll feel really cute, which can be more valuable than 1,000 plank poses, no?)

To get you amped for your next session, we’ve culled the yoga-wear sections of our favorite athletic apparel brands for the best buys of the season. Scroll down to browse and buy our top picks. 

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