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When the Kardashians are sharing their fashion secrets, we stop what we’re doing and listen, especially when they’re recommending pairs of boots as affordable as $60. Kourtney Kardashian just took to her app and website to share eight pairs of her favorite over-the-knee boots, and we have our credit cards at the ready.

“I love a good over-the-knee boot,” she wrote. “During the day, I wear them with leggings, jeans, or jean shorts with an oversized T-shirt, tunic or sweatshirt. For night, I’ll dress them up with hot pants and a long duster. No matter how you wear over-the-knee boots, this is one accessory that will instantly make you look (and feel!) sexy.”

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We couldn’t agree more. The 37-year-old lined up her high and low picks, everything from a pair of $60 H&M boots to a $3,055 Balmain splurge. Keep scrolling for eight pairs that you’ll instantly develop a crush on.

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